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Why Exhibit

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Why Exhibit

  • Generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads
  • Connect with relevant high ranking officials and senior managers and experts
  • Build relationships and develop new markets 
  • Develop and strengthen your brand
  • Network with existing and new clients face-to-face
  • See what your competitors are doing 
  • Seek potentials business partners
  • Launch new products and services
  • Share knowledge, experience and ideas

Summit Secretariat (IICIC)


Address: No. 4, 7th floor, Mellat Tower, Vali e Asr St., Tehran_Iran
Tel: +98(21)22048859-22037383
Fax: +98(21)22044769


Address: 3rd Floor, Kronenstr. 1,
10117 Berlin – Germany
Tel: +49 30 804 92100
Fax: +49 30 804 92102


Contact Person: Monique Quant
Tel: +44 776 776 0277